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If you want a soothing, relaxing hands on experience you will probably be better off with a hands on masseur. However, if you have a specific muscular or soft tissue problem then Dr Graeme's Professional Strength Massager is for you.

Serious long standing muscular issues can take 20-30 or more regular applications of therapy over time. If you have a massager sitting next to your favorite lounge chair you will probably get your 20-30 or more applications. This is where the hand held percussive massager wins hands down. It can be done by yourself in 5-10 minutes while sitting in your lounge chair watching TV.

Dr Graeme Professional Strength Massager




Get powerful relief from this unique Mentholated Aloe Vera Gel formula enriched with Vitamin E.  Flexall contains 7% Menthol as the active agent. Gently massage Flexall on to sore muscles, or use in conjunction with Ultrasound therapy for lasting effects.

Flexall provides temporary, penetrating relief for painful muscles and joints.

Treat your sore muscles and arthritic joints with the same pain relieving gel endorsed by leading professional US athletic trainers and used by the world's top athletes Flexall assists with temporary pain relief from:
Arthritis pain, bursitis, tendonitis, backache, muscular tension, strains and sprains, bruises and cramps.

The Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in Flexall help to soothe the skin after the product has been rubbed in.

Flexall is easy to apply and greaseless.


Pain Relieving Gel 453g




Foam Rollers are designed to target painful trigger point areas to help soothe muscular pain and discomfort, eliminate uncomfortable knots and relieve tension. Using a Foam Roller will improve strength, balance and flexibility. 

Available in:

30cm x 15cm





Round Foam Roller 




Australia’s Most Pure Organic Magnesium Oil.
Extracted from pure sea water, MgLIFE is an organic magnesium oil with no chemicals or other nasties

Available in:

40ml Pump Bottle

125ml Pump Bottle

250ml Pump Bottle

1 Litre Bottle

125ml+250ml Bottle Value Pack

125ml+1Litre Bottle Value Pack

250ml+1Litre Bottle Value Pack

25ml+250ml+1Litre Bottle Value Pack


Organic Magnesium Oil




The massage ball also known as a reflex ball, massages the skin and muscles using the raised points on the ball's textured surface.

The increased blood flow stimulated by the massaging action helps to remove muscles tension, while the dimples affect the sensory organs of the skin, increasing stimulation of the nervous system.

Available in 2 convenient sizes and in a variety of colours.

Also available as as a twin pack.

Spikey Massage Ball



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