Please arrive 10 minutes prior on your first appointment as you will be required to fill in a New Client Information Form and a Precautionary Coronavirus Liability Release Form. This will assist the massage therapist to give you the style of massage appropriate for you and your current physical condition.  If you have already provided your details with us, these forms will be sent to you via email or SMS.


Clients under the age of age of 18 will require permission from their parent or guardian before the session.  Please ensure that consent has been provided on the New Client Information form, otherwise your session will be cancelled and re-booked until consent is provided. ​ ​

During a whole-body massage, you will be covered with towels and the massage therapist will only undrape the area which is currently being worked on.  Our massage table is heated and warm towels are used for a truly relaxing experience.  All massages are strictly non-sexual.

You can expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for your massage.​


It is important to arrive on time as your session may be reduced as to not inconvenience subsequent clients.

Frequently asked questions

I've never had a massage, which should I choose?​

If you've never had a massage, a Relaxation/Swedish massage is good to try first. You will experience a variety of techniques of a gentle to medium pressure. It is a good way to understand what techniques you like for your future massages. If in doubt, contact your massage therapist to discuss any concerns you may have.

How should I prepare for my massage?​

No preparation is necessary, although if you prefer, you may wish to take some time beforehand to relax your body before your massage treatment. Having a bath prior to your appointment will have a positive effect as it will soften your muscles. It will also beneficial if you do not eat right before your massage. Arriving 5-10 minutes before your appointment will give you time to relax and unwind. Please bring a hair tie if you have long hair and remove any jewellery that may interfere with your massage.

May I talk during my massage?​​​​

Communication is the key for a beneficial massage. If you have any concerns before, during or after your massage, please ask your massage therapist. It is important to let the therapist to know how you are feeling to enable them to accommodate the massage to suit you.

What is your cancellation policy?

As we have a regular list of clients who book massage treatments, it is courteous if you can ring our clinic 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This will provide an available appointment so that others may benefit. We understand that changes are part of everyday life and are happy to arrange another appointment time to suit you. If you fail to arrive for your appointment and you haven't contacted us nor left any message informing us, you will be charged a fee up to the full cost.

Have Other Questions?

We are here for you ​Call us now to speak to a massage therapist directly or you can email us Tel: 0431 314 128 Email us

Why do you offer water after my massage?

We offer a glass of PiMag® water after your massage. PiMag® water is filtered without the use of chemical products. It is important to drink a glass of water after your massage as it assists in the withdrawal of toxins from your body and is essential for muscle health.